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Soft story building owners are now liable!

Buildings that are most vulnerable consist of 2 or more stories, wood frame construction, built prior to 1978, and contain ground floor parking or other similar open floor spaces, often known as a "soft-story building."

Is your property on the city's list? Avoid the devastating consequences of lawsuits and code violations.

You may be subjected to further repercussions from your insurance and mortgage lender. Failure to comply may result in inability to insure, refinance, sell, collect rents, receive monetary fines, and even receive an order of demolition of your property.

Contact us today, so our team can provide you with unique and all-inclusive retrofitting compliance solutions tailored to your specific needs.

We Can Help

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Permit and Inspection

The process of obtaining the construction plan approved can take 2 to 5 months due to the building and safety back log.
During the construction, multiple inspections will be performed by City Inspectors, Deputy Inspectors and structural observation by the Engineers.

NASA's JPL predicts s 99.9% chance of an earthquake magnitude 5 or greater in the Los Angeles Area in the next 3 years!

The US Geological Survey predicts an 85% chance of such risk. You may have potential liability the moment you receive the seismic retrofit order from LADBS. DON'T wait, it may cost you more to retrofit your building later. Act Now!

More than 800 West Hollywood buildings could collapse in a big quake

West Hollywood has identified more than 800 buildings that could be at risk of damage or collapse in a major earthquake, part of a comprehensive effort to inventory them and require retrofits.

About 90% of the 821 buildings on the list are thought to be wood-frame structures, such as apartments with carports on the ground floor. The rest are believed to be concrete or steel. Officials emphasized that properties on the list are not necessarily unsafe, and that further study will be required to determine whether retrofitting is needed. Read More..

We got your back

Our staff is ready to inspect your building and assess the scope of work. We will assess the existing condition of your building and prepare an economic retrofit plan, we only strengthen the building where needed. Our crew members and engineers are experienced and each project is completed per L.A. building code.

Experienced Engineers

Our team consists of strutural/civil engineers and contractors specialized in the seismic retrofit of buildings.

Economic Plans

We help obtain financing when needed. We can help with Tenant Habitability Plan and Cost Recovery Plan.

Smart Construction

We try to keep the costs down by doing only necessary work.

7 Step Process

- Inspection to assess building condition

- Engineering Analysis and Construction Plans

- Submit and Obtain Building Permits

- Tenant Habitability Plan

- Financing if needed

- Building Retrofit

- Cost Recovery